More Archived Radio Shows coming soon!

Jean Hart Show - Scorpio 2017 2018 intensity!

 Just a tit and tat on Scorpio energy which will dominate the sky for  some time to come. You need to take a look at it and cover your bases in  life. 

Jean Hart Show - Jean Interviews Scientist Joseph Bender

 Jean Hart interviews Joseph Bender a scientist and expert  on Water and its influence on your health and happiness. 

Jean Hart Radio - Why do Astrology?

 Jean Hart Astrologer Extraordinaire and co-host James Vollbracht explore  the science of astrology, how to use it in your daily life, and how it  can make a difference for you here and now! 

Trek Upwards Radio- What’s It Like To Be A Tibetan Monk?

 Jean Hart and Arthur Thum speak with their special guest Lama Nyandak  who was born and raised in Tibet and now resides in Nepal. In a  heartfelt show learn what Lama Nyandak experienced as a child under  Chinese occupation and the meaning of a true spiritual life as a Lama. A  great show you definitely do not want to miss! 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Pisces Full Moon

 Even though we still have some audio issues, we want to make sure this  important information gets to you. Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about  the Pisces Full moon and how it can affect everyone. Jean and Arthur  also delve into prophecy, the harbinger and whats ahead for the economy.  The Violet Flame is also discussed in a classic show. Lots of spiritual  topics discussed including how the Pisces energy can play out in  current events. 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Marriage And The Stars!

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum invite a special guest to discuss the Stars  and Marriage. Can Relationships be enhanced by knowing astrology? What  if you are looking for the right one or wanting to have children? Tune  in to find out as Jean Hart and Arthur Thum and Joni Thum talk about  relationships marriage and the stars in a very funny show! 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Study While You Sleep!

 Jean Hart and Arthur Thum are baaaaaack, And they have a show for you!  Can you study when you are sound asleep? Tune in to find out! 

Jean Hart Show - My Prediction of Trump's win!

 Donald Trump Astrology as he runs for President ...Will he win? whats he  really like? Is the media showing him as he really is? What is really  going on inside Donald Trump' mind! This is accurate and precise  information on his astrology 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Melania Trump In The White Hous

Melania our new First Lady. Who is she and what is she bringing to the  White house? Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about Melania and what you  can really find out from her astrology, Who is she really and what her  white house mission may be. 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Sunday Go 'Ta Meetin' Show

 Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about your inner temple and your direct  connection to God. Jean and Arthur also share some of their favorite  stores and another episode of the confession corner. A very enjoyable  show! 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - The Confession's Show

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum take turns bearing their souls in a humorous  confession of things that did not turn out quite right. They share some  tips on getting right with yourself. 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - The Sci-Fi Show

 Jean Hart and Arthur Thum tackle Science Fiction in this memorable show.  Nibiru, the 12th Planet, Maldek and Hedron the destroyed planets in our  solar system known as the asteroid belt, are just a few of the topics  they take on.  Listen in and learn about some things  that even NASA isn't telling us and what we can do to protect ourselves and loved ones.  A Sci-Fi show where reality is even stranger than  fiction. Check it out ! A very entertaining show! 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Animal Magnetism and Karma

 Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about the different forms of animal  magnetism. Find out what delicious, ignorant, malicious, and sympathetic  animal magnetism is. What happens when you ignore minor infractions of a  law? Does everything come back to you? Events that seem to come out of  no where? Jean and Arthur both share stories of interesting returning  karma. A great show to listen to from  beginning to end. 

The Trek Upward Radio Show - Suicide And The Media

 Jean Hart and Arthur Thum tackle a couple of tough subjects - The Media  and Suicide. Both Jean and Arthur have lost close friends recently to  suicide. What happens when someone commits suicide?   Find out what the press, media, TV, and  movies are really doing when  you tune into movie and the news.  A show packed with truth you will  want to share with friends and loved ones, especially if tragedy has hit  close to home. A show you will want to  listen to from beginning to  end!