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“Over 35 years of experience has proven to me that astrology is a powerful road map to help traverse through our existence. It is a tool with vast potential for helping you deal with your life and find success while overcoming obstacles so you can reach your highest potential.”

Jean is an internationally known consultant in astrology. A dedicated mystic, with over 35 years of study into astrology, metaphysical and spiritual subject matter, Jean brings a unique perspective to her astrological readings. 

”The higher you go, the more beautiful the view and the easier it is to laugh along the way.”

Jean works to help everyone up the mountain of consciousness, to get to that higher place where one may open doors into the secret chambers of the heart. She hopes to give predictions and solutions for personal and world wide problems and to reveal the truth of any given situation by star gazing into the astrological coordinates of any given incident on this planet. Her mission is to empower people on their personal journey to better face the obstacles that the human condition places in front of us, and to impassion minds with the tools of humor and enlightening information.

"I AM unique in my field. The most precise and accurate information for you and those in your life!”

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Jean Hart in Broadcasting


Jean wants to raise the bar of radio entertainment to "a higher level of consciousness!”

 Jean Hart is no stranger to the Radio Broadcasting  world. With over 28 years  in television, radio and the newspaper  entertainment industry, she has racked up quite a lot of “air time” Her  appearances began as a weekly regular on KCMO Morning Talk Radio with.  Michael Murphy.  Jean was a weekly regular on the Randy Miller Morning  Show,  Q-104 in Kansas City for years.  Randy wrote the book on humor in  radio.  She has recently worked with Randy Miller doing his Randy  Miller Podcast.  Jean was the star of  the television segment produced  by Time-Warner “Astrology with Jean Hart” and she  had her own radio  show on KFKF 94 – “The Jean Hart Astrology Show”  with co-host Rusty  Walker.  Jean has also appeared on  many Television programs, news and  noon editions, such as  “Good Morning America”.  The list goes on! 



 "The Jean Hart Show" on KFKF 95 in Kansas City

Kimberly and Beck the" Breakfast Buzz" Syndicated Nationally. out of Rochester, New York.

Jean live on KGEE Texas Best Country.

Gary and Kristen Mix 98 in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

"Kimberly and Carson" morning talk radio in Cincinnati WVMX.

Salt Lake City Utah ZOO KZHT.

Randy Miller Morning Show on KBEQ-104 FM, Kansas City.

KCMO Morning Show with Michael Murphy co pilot for Art Bell

WLBJ Austin Texas Morning Talk Radio

KFKF Country Music "The Morning Show with Dale Carter and Mary"

Moose Talk Of The Town Show KMMS Bozeman Montana

KISS “Call In Hour” 5PM Traffic Show Missoula Montana

WBZA  Rochester, New York Morning Show

TCI “Daily Horoscope With Jean Hart” Anchor Woman

ABC Evening News,

Spotlight TV Helena, Mt.

“Good Morning America” Talk Show

Vie Thompson Noon News and Talk Show KTMF TV Missoula, MT

WDAF TV Morning News Kansas City, Mo.

“Psychic Voyages” KCPT TV Kansas City, Mo.

Vancouver, Washington “Daily Horoscope” with Jean Hart Anchor  TCI


Jean Hart Radio

"...This is talk Radio as it should be, informative, fun, controversial, and  enlightening !  No topic is off the table. Prepare for your head to be engaged, your heart to be opened and  your paradigms to be shifted!  

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