Jean's Elite Astrology Club

Why join the club?

1st Benefit

As a club member. You get a free session with Jean once a month. Planets are always on the move and you need to know how they are affecting you at all times to find your way to success.

2nd benefit:

As a club member you can text or email

 Jean daily with questions, find out your best times to act. Get the location of a planet at a given time and what it is doing to you.  Where the moon is and all moon information to explain your moods. This is powerful information.

 Your personal mercury retrogrades explained. Anything you need to know about energy coming your way by a text or email. Just ask Jean!

3rd benefit:

  As a club member you get half off prices for any Astrological Services Jean offers 

About the club:

Member Benefits:

VIP Treatment

As an Elite Astrology Club member you get  First Premiere Access to:

  •  One free monthly Astrological session.

  • Half price rates off all Astrological services and readings that Jean offers

  •  Jean's new radio shows that are always packed with profound and insightful information.

  • Jean's prophecies and insights on planetary conditions including weather conditions, earth changes, the economy etc.

  • Discounted rates for Jean Hart's Online School of Astrology

Can it get any better?

As an Elite Astrology club member you have quick access to communication with Jean.  Send her a text or an email with any quick questions that you might have: (Should I reschedule this date with him/her? Where is the moon today? Why do I feel so grumpy today?) 

When you are a club member of Jean Hart's Elite Astrology club you get your own personal Astrological Advisor at the tips of your fingers. Can it get any better than that?

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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